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October 26, 2009

Simon and Jude

From: http://www.simonjude.net/

Saint Simon

Saint SimonSaint SimonThe name of Saint Simon usually appears eleventh in the list of the Apostles. Born at Cana in Galilee – the site of the Lord’s miracle at a wedding feast – St. Simon was surnamed “the Zealot,” probably due to his affiliation with a Jewish reform group. Following the Lord’s Resurrection, he preached the Gospel and initiated the life of the Church in Persia (modern day Iran) and Asia Minor (Turkey). He was martyred sometime in the mid-first century, and is often depicted with the instrument of his martyrdom – a saw. St. Simon’s relics are now housed at the Vatican along with those of St. Jude. St. Simon is especially called upon when we face difficulty and contempt for our religious beliefs or the practice of our religion.

Saint Jude

Saint Jude Saint JudeSaint Jude, also called “Thaddeus,” was the Apostle who asked the Lord at the Passover Supper the night before His Death why He had manifested Himself only to His disciples and not to the whole world (John 14:22). Saint Jude is also the Apostle who authored the epistle contained in the New Testament, encouraging the early Church in the face of adversity. St. Jude preached the Gospel along with St. Simon in Persia. St. Jude was renowned for his effective preaching and refutation of the enemies of the Church, in casting out demons, and in converting the Zoroastrian king. St. Jude was martyred by being run-through with a spear, and his relics are housed at the Vatican. St. Jude is known around the world as the patron of causes despaired of… when everything seems hopeless, his prayers are often sought.

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