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September 4, 2013

St. Benedict and Spiritual Combat (Part 3 of 3)

The Blessing of the Medal of St. Benedict has three distinct prayers.  The First Prayer is an exorcism of the wicked spirit, to make void his evil influence, with the earnest petition that the Medal be for the welfare of the body and soul of the user. 

The Second Prayer is a fervent petition that the user of the Medal may devote themselves to the practice of good works, may obtain health of mind and body, forgiveness of sins, and the grace of holiness.

The Third Prayer is very impressive in virtue of the detailed and solemn commemoration of the agony, sufferings and death of Our Lord. 

Exorcism Blessing for St. Benedict Crucifixes and Medals
Done by any priest, preferably a Benedictine
Priest should vest in a white stole

P: In the Name of the Father, And the Son, And the Holy Spirit. Amen.  
P: Our Help is in the name of the Lord
R: Who made Heaven and Earth.

Prayer # 1
P: I exorcise this medal in the name of God, the Father Almighty, who made Heaven and Earth, the seas, and all that is in them.  May God uproot and expel from this object all power of the adversary, all attacks of the devil, and all deceptions of Satan, so that it may bring health of mind and body to all who use it.  We make this prayer in the name of the Almighty (+) Father, of Jesus (+) Christ, His Son our Lord, and of the Holy (+) Spirit, the Paraclete.  We pray also with love for our Lord Jesus Christ, who will come to judge the living and the dead, and to purify the world by fire. 
R. Amen.  

All: Lord, have mercy.  Christ, have mercy, Lord have mercy.          Our Father…
P. Save your servants.                                   R. Who trust in you, my God.
P. Be for us, O Lord, a tower of strength.      R: Against the power of the enemy.
P: The Lord will give strength to his people.   R: The Lord will bless his people with peace
P: Send us, O Lord, help from the sanctuary. R: And from Zion protect us.
P: O Lord, hear my prayer.                           R: And let my cry come to you.
P: The Lord be with you.                               R: And with your spirit.

Prayer # 2
P: Let us pray.  Almighty God, Giver of all good things, we humbly ask you, through the intercession of St. Benedict, to pour out your blessing (+) upon this medal imprinted with sacred prayers and
symbols, so that all who use this medal, and devote themselves to the practice of good works, may obtain health of mind and body, forgiveness of sins, and the grace of holiness. With the help of your mercy, may they be able to resist all the attacks and wiles of the devil, and thus be truly holy and blameless in your sight. Through Christ our Lord.
R: Amen.

Prayer # 3
P: Let us pray. Lord Jesus Christ, who for the redemption of the whole world, willed to be born of the Virgin, to be circumcised, rejected by the Jews, betrayed by the kiss of Judas, bound with ropes, crowned with thorns, pierced with nails, crucified between robbers, wounded with a lance, and finally to die on the cross. Through your most holy Passion, we humbly implore that you drive away all attacks and wiles of the devil, from those who devoutly invoke your holy name, while using this medal imprinted with sacred words and symbols. Lead them safely to the haven of salvation, where you live and reign forever.
R: Amen.

P: May the blessing of Almighty God (+) the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit descend upon this medal and upon those who use it, and may this blessing remain forever.
R: Amen.
(Priest sprinkles the crucifixes/medals with holy water)

For more blessings: http://www.evmcc.org/media/MY%20EXORCISM%20BLESSINGS%20FOR%20SACS%20(BOOKLET).pdf

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O.S.B. Vocation Awareness