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September 19, 2013

Seminary Formation: Part 2 of 4

What is Seminary Formation Like?

Ever wonder what seminary is like? This short passage is taken from a book, "To Save a Thousand Souls," written by Fr. Brett Brannen. Although he wrote this book as an aid for men discerning diocesan priesthood, his chapter on Seminary is very insightful for monks preparing for the priesthood as well.

To "Look Inside" this bookhttp://www.amazon.com/Save-Thousand-Souls-Discerning-Priesthood/dp/0615345514

Second Pillar of Priestly Formation: Spiritual Formation

“To live in intimate and unceasing union with God the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit.” (PDV #45)

"Spiritual formation is about falling in love with Jesus. It is about developing a personal relationship with each Person of the Most Blessed Trinity. It is about communion with the Church, the Body of the Lord. It is not enough that a Catholic Priest know “about” Jesus and his Church; he must know Jesus personally, and be convinced of the Lord’s unconditional love for him and for every person. Nemo dat quod non habet (One cannot give what one does not have).

Spiritual formation entails developing a life of prayer that will sustain the priest throughout his life and work. The PPF mentions

specifically: devotion to the Mass and the Holy Eucharist, the sacrament of Penance, liturgy of the hours, spiritual direction, the Bible (lectio divina), retreats, personal mediation, devotion to Mary, interceding for others, doing penance, obedience, celibacy, and simplicity of life. The seminary spiritual directors are responsible for making sure that every area is appropriately treated.

The seminarians learn how to pray using many different methods. They learn both through their courses and their own struggles about the difficulties and obstacles of praying well. The purpose of this regimen of prayer is not just to come to know Jesus better personally, but to gain the ability to guide others in prayer and spiritual direction."

To Learn about the Third Pillar, Intellectual Formation, see our blog post on Sept. 23 

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O.S.B. Vocation Awareness

O.S.B. Vocation Awareness