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August 28, 2013

St. Benedict and Spiritual Combat (Part 1 of 3)

In The Ratzinger Report, Pope Benedict XVI said: “Whatever the less discerning theologians may say, the devil, as far as Christian belief is concerned, is a puzzling but real, personal and not merely symbolic presence.  He is a powerful reality, a baneful superhuman freedom directed against God’s freedom… On his own, man has not the power to oppose Satan, but united with Jesus we can be certain of vanquishing him”. 
Known to have frequent battles with the evil one, St. Benedict found the power to defeat Satan by means of the sign of the Cross.  As a powerful intercessor against demons, St. Benedict also taught his disciples to use the Sign of our Redemption against the assaults of Satan, and in other dangers as well.  St. Maurus and St. Placid, his first and most renowned disciples, wrought numerous miracles through the powerful sign of the Holy Cross.

For more on St. Benedict’s use of the Sign of the Cross & his combat with Satan, Read these Chapters from Book Two of the Dialogues:

CH 2: HOW HE OVERCAME A GREAT TEMPTATION OF THE FLESH: http://www.osb.org/gen/greg/dia-04.html#TopOfPage

-   CH 3: HOW Benedict, BY THE SIGN OF THE HOLY CROSS, BROKE A DRINKING-GLASS IN PIECES: http://www.osb.org/gen/greg/dia-05.html#TopOfPage

-   CH 4: HOW Benedict REFORMED A MONK THAT WOULD NOT STAY AT HIS PRAYERS: http://www.osb.org/gen/greg/dia-06.html#TopOfPage

-   CH 8: HOW A LOAF WAS POISONED, AND CARRIED FAR OFF BY A CROW:  http://www.osb.org/gen/greg/dia-10.html#TopOfPage
    CH 11: HOW VENERABLE BENEDICT REVIVED A BOY, CRUSHED TO DEATH WITH THE RUIN OF A WALL: http://www.osb.org/gen/greg/dia-13.html#P89_36708
    CH 13: OF THE BROTHER OF VALENTINIAN THE MONK, WHOM THE MAN OF GOD BLAMED FOR EATING IN HIS JOURNEY: http://www.osb.org/gen/greg/dia-15.html#P94_40064
    CH 16: OF A CERTAIN CLERGYMAN, WHOM VENERABLE BENEDICT FOR A TIME DELIVERED FROM A DEVIL: http://www.osb.org/gen/greg/dia-18.html#P105_47082

-   CH 25: HOW A MONK, FORSAKING THE ABBEY, MET WITH A DRAGON ON THE WAY: http://www.osb.org/gen/greg/dia-27.html#P154_67772

-   CH 30: HOW BENEDICT DELIVERED A MONK FROM THE DEVIL: http://www.osb.org/gen/greg/dia-32.html#P170_73635

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