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March 10, 2013

Spring Break

Every year during spring break,  the Junior monks are invited to visit some of the outside pastoral apostolates. Since the early days of Archabbot Boniface Wimmer O.S.B. many of the Saint Vincent monks have staffed and  ministered in parishes throughout the country. This year four junior monks traveedl to the Benedictine Priory in Savannah, Georgia and Saint Gregory the Great Parish in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The Saint Vincent monks in Savannah staff The Benedictine Military School which is a Benedictine, military, all-male high school. It was founded in 1902 by Benedictine monks and is located in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Savannah.

The Benedictine Priory in Savannah, Gerogia

Br. Timothy O.S.B. & Br. Martinho O.S.B.

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, Savannah, GA

 Touring around Savannah

Br. Joachim O.S.B., Br. Martinho O.S.B., Archabbot Douglas O.S.B. 
& Fr. Hilarian O.S.B.

Br. Miguel O.S.B., Br. Joachim O.S.B., & Br. Canice O.S.B.

Br. Miguel O.S.B., Br. Martinho O.S.B., Br. Canice O.S.B., & Br. Joachim O.S.B.

 Abbot President Hugh Anderson, of the American Cassinese Congregation

 Saint Gregory the Great Parish, Virginia Beach, VA

O.S.B. Was Here!

 Br. Canice O.S.B. and a memorial to his name sake, Fr. Canice O.S.B.

Visiting the Virginia Beach Confrefes

(Top) Br. Canice O.S.B., Br Miguel O.S.B., Fr. Mario O.S.B.,Br. Joachim O.S.B., Br. Tobis O.S.B., Fr.Christiano O.S.B.
(Bottom) Br. Martinho O.S.B. & Br. Mark O.S.B.

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O.S.B. Vocation Awareness

O.S.B. Vocation Awareness