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August 8, 2014

10 Hallmarks of Benedictine Education (Part 3)

At Saint Vincent Archabbey many of our monks are involved in our College Apostolate. Some serve as Professors in departments such as Theology, Philosophy, Mathematics, English, Science or Business, while others work in the Library or Campus Ministry. Needless to say, our Benedictine Heritage influences the way that we educate our students as a WHOLE human person, Body, Mind, and Soul.

Thus, this series of posts will focus on the 10
Hallmarks of a Benedictine Education. 

3. Stability: commitment to the daily life of this place

Stability shapes a Benedictine monastery. All of its members commit themselves to seeking God
together. They resolve to pursue this, their heart's deepest desire, in daily interactions with one
another, in good times and in bad, throughout the entire span of their lives.

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It is important that there be a similar commitment to real engagement with one another among the
faculty, staff, and students of Benedictine educational institutions. While higher education always opens up new horizons, there should be a fundamental commitment to share one's intellectual
passions and one's bewilderments and breakthroughs with one another, to place shared effort and understanding above the pursuit of more private individual ends. The collaborative effort to listen and pursue wisdom together - as opposed to listening only long enough to carve out private
understanding - makes remarkable growth possible for all.

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