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August 16, 2014

10 Hallmarks of Benedictine Education (Part 4)

At Saint Vincent Archabbey many of our monks are involved in our College Apostolate. Some serve as Professors in departments such as Theology, Philosophy, Mathematics, English, Science or Business, while others work in the Library or Campus Ministry. Needless to say, our Benedictine Heritage influences the way that we educate our students as a WHOLE human person, Body, Mind, and Soul.

Thus, this series of posts will focus on the 10 Hallmarks of a Benedictine Education. 

4. Conversatio: the way of formation and transformation

The aim of life is the same for Benedictines as it is for all Christians - to be transformed in every part
of one's life so that God's own image, in which each is created, becomes transparent and
palpable. The Benedictine word for this way of life is conversatio, the process of letting go in day-to-day life of one's predilections and false securities so the divine life at the core of one's being can
become manifest in a trustworthy pattern of living. Conversatio is a commitment to a lifelong
conversion into the likeness of Christ. This transformation proceeds according to small steps and it is tested in surprising ways over a lifetime. To come to fruition conversatio requires stability, discipline, faithfulness and resilience. Along the way it is strengthened by symbols and rituals that each monastery has found useful in supporting its members' journey into newness of life.

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Benedictine colleges and universities attempt to call all members of the campus community to
move out of their comfort zones for the sake of learning, authenticity and integrity. We are not
afraid to cultivate habits of mind and disposition that foster growth in wisdom, but will require years
and years to come to fruition. We strive to keep vital curricular and co-curricular programs that
challenge the commonplace, foster intellectual and personal breakthroughs, and cultivate the

habits of refreshment and personal renewal that nurture learning and generosity over a lifetime.

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