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September 7, 2014

10 Hallmarks of Benedictine Education (Part 7)

At Saint Vincent Archabbey many of our monks are involved in our College Apostolate. Some serve as Professors in departments such as Theology, Philosophy, Mathematics, English, Science or Business, while others work in the Library or Campus Ministry. Needless to say, our Benedictine Heritage influences the way that we educate our students as a WHOLE human person, Body, Mind, and Soul. 

Thus, this series of posts will focus on the 10 Hallmarks of a Benedictine Education. 

7. Humility: acceptance of the demand for realism and accountability

Humility is Benedict's word for wisdom. He begins his extended description of the twelve degrees of
humility with awe at the abiding presence of God and ends with the love that casts out fear (RB 7).
Benedictine humility accepts the reality of the day-to-day world - nature, events, other people -
and our true place within it. This practical realism demands honesty and accountability of everyone
in a Benedictine house. Each monastic seeks to acknowledge his or her faults and weaknesses.
Each strives to recognize their own gifts and the gifts of others with gratitude, seeking to contribute
as much as possible to the good of the whole and accepting the care of others.

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This down-to-earth ethos should inform the pursuits of students, faculty and staff in Benedictine educational institutions. We admit that none of us can learn on our own what we most need to
know or bring to completion what most needs to be done. It is our intent that individuals discover
what they are good at doing and what they need others' help to achieve. Rather than fostering
competition for status and eminence, we strive to engage the insights and expertise of a wide
variety of persons in our collective purpose. We seek to call to account any community members
who diminish the esteem of others.

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